The ASAP Knowledge Portal

The Art & Science of Amazing Protection: Symbols

We have devised 7 specific symbols, to facilitate your understanding of the usage of our gloves. We hope and believe that these symbols will help make your selection of the perfect fit of gloves for the right job, easier.

Accident & Emergency (A&E)

Protects paramedics and first-aid givers from infection/contamination, as they provide on-site first-aid care.

Examination & Surgery (E&S)

Protects dentists, doctors, surgeons and healthcare professionals, as well as patients, from contagion, and simultaneously provides comfort and dexterity in usage.

Patient Care

Provides all-round protection to nurses and healthcare providers in healthcare facilities, as well as to caregivers working in nursing-homes.

Research & Development (R&D)

Protects the skin against chemical/bio-chemical contact and cross-contamination from samples in laboratories and R&D facilities.

Service & Repair (S&P)

Protects the skin from sharp tools, harmful allergens and hazardous chemicals in automotive and manufacturing plants.

Building & Construction (B&C)

Protects the skin from cuts, abrasions, chemicals and allergens

Cleanroom Facilities

Ensures hygienic handling of sensitive equipment (including microelectronics) in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing plants, as well as biotechnology facilities.

As you can see, there’s a pair of ASAP gloves for everyone, so choose yours, guided by the appearance of these symbols on the box.