It has been brought to our attention that several unauthorized individuals or organizations are reportedly claiming to be authorized dealers or representing ASAP International to secure gains through fraudulent means. We strongly urge you to stay vigilant and take extra precautions when encountering such offers or being approached with any suspicious deals.

Be cautious of these fraudulent actions:

– Claim to be ASAP’s authorized dealer or representative or reseller or have direct access to ASAP’s resources.

– Claim to be able to provide buyer with ready stock or bulk volume of gloves.

– Request buyer to sign agreement or prepare documents such as a Letter of Intent, Sales & Purchase Agreement, Purchase Order, Proof of Funds and other similar documents.

– Disseminate fake documents which imitate official test reports, certificates, product images, logos etc.

ASAP International’s practice for export sales:

– All export sales of ASAP brand gloves is handled by ASAP International in Malaysia.

– ASAP International does not appoint any agent or representative to deal with buyer on behalf of ASAP, including agreement drafting & signing, Letter of Intent, Sales & Purchase Agreement, Purchase Order, Proof of Fund and other similar documents.

– ASAP International does not practise commission payment.

– Legitimate email messages sent from ASAP International will only be
If you receive an email or are approached by an individual or organization that you suspect to be fraudulent, please do not respond. Instead, contact ASAP International at for verification.


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In an era of exposure, ASAP provides the best protection for your functional and practical needs. We have been exploring the idea of art and science since 1988 and have perfected the combination with experiences in the industry since then.

Our customers come from different parts of the world and we are expanding with strong network + high credibility + experienced brand developers to ensure quality products and services throughout. Since its launch, ASAP has expanded to offer products from just medical, to varieties of other needs and industries.

‘LIFE MATTERS’ is firmly grounded in ASAP’s fundamental core value. In order to honour each and every element of life as well as awareness on the importance of protection for all means, we are inspired to embark on corporate social responsibility that pertains to the conservation of endangered lives. 

Choose a masterpiece of Art and Science, choose ASAP.



Is born from creative ideas, in which we embrace and appreciate imaginative skills of manufacturing processes.


Time, investment and years of experience in R&D to create technologically advanced and relevant products for stronger protection.

“ASAP” stands for “Art & Science of Amazing Protection”. True to our name, our concept combines the elements of Art and Science, in providing the Art of protection merged with improvements through the wonders of Science. 

ASAP products are made uniquely to cater to medical, research & development, building & construction, cleanroom facilities, food & beverage handling as well as other industries’ use. A wide range of disposable products standing at more than 150 SKUs is currently offered and we are continuously expanding to meet your needs.

Put simply, ASAP products are the result of innovative ideas and advanced technology. It is this formula that has propelled our products to the industry’s forefront, and that continues to set industrial benchmarks.

To discover what ASAP all is about, simply slip on our products, and be captivated by the art and science of ASAP!